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CIVA Section 6 Aerobatic Sporting Codes

Here is a collection of CIVA Section 6 documents spanning many years of historic development. They are divided primarily into Part 1 - Power and Part 2 - Glider sections, and are available to download for reference purposes. Also here are the original versions of Part 3, Events for Powered Aircraft (Advanced Category), this material of course now integrated into Part 1, and the later version of Part 3 which covers power and glider aerobatic events at FAI World Air Games. Part 5 (a) for World Air Masters and (b) for Formation Aerobatic Championships can be found in the CIVA Document Store.

The most current version of all CIVA regulations can always be obtained from the CIVA Document Store in this website, and also from the documents page in the CIVA area of the FAI website.

From 2001 onwards CIVA's Judge Performance Factor system was introduced, and further developed in 2006 to provide the now well-established CIVA FairPlay Statistical Method for Processing Scores. The process was extended in 2016 to cover the newly introduced Free Known and Free Unknown programmes, and further refined in 2018 to stabilise successive program results by processing the data in a single pass, with the grade and score outliers addressed in a linear progressive manner.

Part 3 - Adv. Power Category

Section 6 Part 3 - 2004
Section 6 Part 3 - 2003

Part 3 - World Air Games

Section 6 Part 3 - 2017


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