International Judge Selection

Judge Performance Records

Records are kept for all championship Judges based on the rank position within the judging panel of their consolidated Ranking Index (RI) at each contest, averaged over a rolling three year period. This is presented in three categories -

  • Power Unlimited and Advanced
  • Power Intermediate and Yak-52
  • Gliding Unlimited and Advanced

This tabulated Judge Ranking Index data is maintained for open review on the CIVA Results website 

The current list of CIVA International Judges is available from the Document Store or the FAI/CIVA Documents page 

The selection process

At the start of each season invitations are sent out to all judges with an average overall panel ranking over the previous three years of five or less, with a request that they indicate their availability for the coming years' contests. When received this information is summarised and distributed to the JC members.


In the next stage CIVA Delegates are requested to suggest other judges who have not already been asked for their availability. Judges who apply with no previous RI data at the International level are asked to provide RI information based on their own Aero Club's Nationals or any other event from another Aero Club where they may have officiated. The results of these two stages are summarised and sent out to the JC for a voting process to take place.

When the JC voting is complete the resulting selection lists are sent to the CIVA Bureau for ratification.

Finally the results of the applications and voting are distributed to the CIVA Delegates and published elsewhere on this website.

The process has changed slightly in recent years as many judging panels have been reduced from 10 to 7 CIVA supported Judges, and accordingly the supported members of championship panels have been restricted to one judge per National Aero Club.

Delegates are encouraged however to propose additional judges (i.e. not financially supported by CIVA) who have gained experience within their own country and, if approved by the Judging Committee, may become panel members alongside those with established CIVA championship RI history. Where a panel comprises more than 7 judges some nations may be duplicated.