FAI and CIVA Medals

FAI medals

The Federation has been providing commissions with "FAI" medals that are awarded to championship winners for a great many years, though the style and design has been developed at various stages. Currently these Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are available in two sizes -

  • The 50mm diameter version, which CIVA uses for the individual placed competitors in each programme
  • The larger 64mm diameter version that are awarded to Champions, the overall Team winners and their managers.

At every championship FAI send the the organiser a package that comprises all of the FAI medals, each with their individual dedication laser-printed onto the reverse face, an appropriate number of FAI Diplomas which are awarded according to the allocations set out in Part-1 (for power aeroplanes) and Part-2 (for gliders) of CIVA's Section-6 regulatory documents, together with an FAI flag that will be mounted in a prominent position along with the flags of all the other participating nations. The flag is ceremonially raised to the accompaniment of the FAI anthem when the championship is officially Opened during the championship opening ceremony, and then lowered (with the anthem again!) at the final awards and closing ceremony at which point the championship is officially closed.

A sample set of the new Gold, Silver and Bronze medals with their striking CIVA lanyards
A sample set of the new Gold, Silver and Bronze medals with their striking CIVA lanyards

CIVA Medals

Following general approval of the proposal at our 2018 plenary conference in Warsaw to create a new design of CIVA medal to replace the version we have sourced from FAI for many years, as described in the original proposal and the subsequent explanation documentation, four options from British designer David Thomson were presented at the Duxford UK plenary. From these the "Inverted" design was almost unanimously voted by delegates as the most favoured solution.

Work to locate a suitable manufacturer began early in 2020 and, after reviewing a range of options, a contract was eventually placed with well-known UK company Medal Studio, whose experience in delivering top-class bespoke medals and trophies for many other world-wide sports is well established. These medals have been awarded at all CIVA aerobatic championships from 2021 onwards.

The CIVA Section-6 championship regulations - Part-1 for power events and Part-2 for gliders - provide a breakdown of the recipients for the 55m diameter CIVA medals, which have their dedications laser-printed onto the reverse face like their FAI counterparts. These Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded to the first, second and third place winners in each of the individual programmes.

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