Free Known Figure Proposals for 2022

Figure sets for Power
Here are all the Free Known figure proposals that we have received from NACs for the three power categories. These have been published here for assessment and selection of the final sets at plenary this year, for use at all championships in 2022.

Proposals have been received -

  • For Unlimited from USA, Luxembourg , France, Canada, Finland, Spain, Brazil, Germany
  • For Advanced from Luxembourg , Canada, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Great Britain, Romania, Spain, Brazil, France, Germany
  • For Yak52/Intermediate from Canada, Sweden, Lithuania, Romania, Great Britain, Brazil

Figure sets for Gliders
Free Known figure sets submitted for the glider Unlimited and Advanced categories have been collated by the Glider Aerobatics Committee (GAC) and are available from the links below. These will be reviewed by GAC Chairman Manfred Echter as part of Agenda item-9.3 during the second plenary session on Saturday 20th, and the preferences of the GAC members made known. The final selections will be reached using the ElectionRunner system so that delegates can make their responses overnight, the sets with the most votes in each category being announced during the Sunday morning session.

To Delegates
Please review them all and carefully determine which set you believe is most appropriate in each category for international use next year. All the proposed figure sets will be introduced by KAWG Secretary Elena Klimovich as Agenda item-8 in the second session on Saturday 20th afternoon, with voting by Delegates overnight using the ElectionRunner system. The selected set of figures for each category will be announced during the Sunday morning plenary session.

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