Free Known Power and Glider Figures for 2024

Here are the Free Known master figures that must be used when designing your Programme-1 sequences for championships throughout 2024, as selected at the 2023 CIVA Plenary Conference in Krakow, Poland. The finished sequences must comply with current CIVA Section 6 regulations paragraph 2.2 in Part 1 for powered and Part 2 for glider aircraft.

When using OpenAero to design your sequence with these figures, be sure to set the Team to your country, the Class to Power or Glider as appropriate, and use the correct Category for each of your CIVA Programme 1 .seq files to clearly identify your submissions. It is very helpful to use the OpenAero Free (Un)known Designer to create your sequence and ensure that the five master figures remain unchanged.

When submitting your completed OpenAero sequence file, please ensure that the filename clearly describes the event, the category and your name plus any other relevant information. As an example:

For pilot John Smith in programme-1 at WAC-24 this should be "WAC-24 UNL P1 John Smith v1.seq"

 CIVA Power Free Known OpenAero master figures for
CIVA Glider Free Known OpenAero master figures for

CIVA Free Known Programme Guidance - Power Aircraft 2024 v1.pdf
CIVA Free Known Programme Guidance - Glider Aircraft 2024 v1.pdf

Power Intermediate (from Canada)

Power Advanced (from USA)

Power Unlimited (from Greece)

Glider Advanced (from Germany)

Glider Unlimited (from Germany)