CIVA 2018 Plenary Conference

Bulletin #1 version-2 for the Plenary Meeting and the Conference Registration Form are both available below.

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   ≡    Identifies documents published after the plenary -

             CIVA 2018 Plenary Conference - Summary of Conclusions   ≡
             CIVA 2018 Plenary Conference - Minutes   ≡

             Conference Registration Form
             Map - How to get to the Plenary Meeting Hotel

             Bulletin #1
             Plenary Agenda v2
             CIVA Officials and Elections for 2019
             Rules Proposals to the RC/JC and GAC Meetings - July 2018 §

§ Note that both of these documents are required to provide all necessary information

Agenda Items:
  3.2    Minutes of the CIVA 2017 Plenary Conference
  6.1    FPS Working Group Report v2
  6.2    Contest Organisation W/G Report
  6.3    Strategic W/G Report
  6.4    Known Assessment W/G Report v2
  7.2    CIVA Travel Allowance (TA) Programme
  8.1a  WGAC/WAGAC Jury Presidents Report
  8.1b  WGAC/WAGAC Contest Directors Report
  8.1c  WGAC/WAGAC Chief Judges Report
  8.2a  WAAC Jury Presidents Report
  8.2b  WAAC Contest Directors Report
  8.2c  WAAC Chief Judges Report v2
  8.3a  EAC Jury Presidents Report
  8.3b  EAC Contest Directors Report
  8.3c  EAC Chief Judges Report
  8.3    WAC 2017 Jury Presidents Report
  10.1   Scoring System Revision W/G Report
  10.2  Aircraft Manufacturer Championships Trophy Working Group
  10.3  Private and Commercial Teams Working Group v2
  11.1   CIVA Rules Committee Report §
  11.2  CIVA Judging Committee Report
  11.3  CIVA Catalogue Committee Report
  11.4  CIVA Glider Aerobatics Committee Report
ditto Addendum: Glider Known Figure Proposals for 2019
  11.5  Information and Communication Technology Committee Report
  11.6  Safety and Expedited Proposals
  11.7  Urgent Proposals
  11.8  Presidents Proposals
  13.1  Future FAI Special Aerobatic Events Report
  15.1  FAI Aresti Committee Report
  15.2  Contest Scoring Programme Report

These documents can also be downloaded from the
FAI / CIVA web resource at

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