Plenary Conference Zoom sessions

Plenary 2020 - Session 1 Zoom

Through 2020 and 2021, like many other sporting groups, CIVA has turned to online discussion solutions such as Zoom to bring delegates and aerobatic friends together, not only for normal day-to-day meetings and discussions between members of our extended bureau but also for formal conference sessions with Delegates and Alternates at which we can discuss and debate the usual annual matters of importance and reach conclusions that would otherwise be very difficult to achieve.

Zoom has become the vehicle of choice for both CIVA and its parent Federation (FAI), providing a simple way for us to conduct meetings in a virtual face-to-face manner. Of course it doesn't offer the flexibility and scope for exchanges of views that our usual robust physical gatherings do, but it comes close and enables us to get important business done in an effective way. Here below is a collection of the video and audio recordings that we have made of these proceedings, in case you seek a more intimate flavour of how these things go.