Video preparations for WAC-17

Published: 19th Jun 2017 by Civa News

As part of our preparation for the World Aerobatic Championship this year CIVA has teamed-up with South African media expert Jason Alexander of Red Star Productions with the express aim of making a 30-minute video of the event. The production will feature a strong emphasis from the pilots and judges own viewpoints, as the event progresses from the opening Free Known programme right up to the last Free Unknown and of course the crowd pleasing Final Freestyle – here’s an earlier sample from the 2015 South African Nationals

Jason himself is an experienced Yak-52 competition pilot and will assemble the content very much from an ‘insiders’ point of view, his team spending their time not only on the flight-line interviewing pilots and team managers before and after their flights but also with the judges assessing how well the flights are being received and of course with members of the public to get their own impressions of just how things are going.

A key part of all this will be the willingness of everyone present to contribute their own insight into how the event is progressing, who the current favourites are and the how’s and why’s of their progress up and down the results listings. There is so much more to extract from these intensely competitve events than the usual ‘Smoke-On’ finale, though even that can be more sharply seen through the technical assessments made by the judges at the conclusion of each performance.

Jason will also also be providing a daily social media review to keep the pot boiling throughout the event. This will be mirrored via the main FAI website, so even if you can’t make it to South Africa for this championship there will be a strong video output to accompany the results as they progress – available throughout in detail as usual on our sister-website

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