Rule Proposals & Known Figure Sets Deadlines

Published: 22nd May 2021 by Nick Buckenham

Two important dates have recently been announced that you should diarise –

  1. Rules Proposals
    The deadline for submission of rule proposals is 23:59 CET on July 1st 2021.
       Proposals for Section 6 Part 1 (power) should be sent to Matthieu Roulet
       Proposals for Section 6 Part 2 (glider) should be sent to Manfred Echter
    ●  All proposals will be assembled into one document, posted on the CIVA websites (FAI as well as CIVA-News) shortly thereafter, and circulated to Rules, Glider and Judging Committee members.
    ●  This year the RC/JC will review the Part 1 proposals in one or several virtual meetings in August. RC/JC recommendations for new rules will then be published and considered by the Plenary of CIVA in November.
    ●  The GAC will follow a parallel track and we will coordinate on rule proposals applicable to both Power and Glider.
  2. Known Figure Sets Proposals
    The deadline for submission of Known Figure Sets for 2022 is September 19th 2021.
       Submissions for power categories should be sent to Elena Klimovich
       Submissions for glider categories should be sent to Manfred Echter

All deadlines, e-mail addresses etc. can be found in the CIVA Documents Deadline Schedule 2021 available in the Document Store of this website.


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