Mikhail Mamistov – 2017 World Aerobatic Champion

Published: 8th Oct 2017 by Civa News

After a closely fought World Aerobatic Championship at Malelane in South Africa, for the third time in his illustrious career Russian pilot Mikhail Mamistov again proved that steady and accurate flying provides the best approach to success. Throughout this gruelling event in temperatures well into the mid 30's the top positions had been shared between only a few pilots, with as usual an especially strong showing from the French team and some great flights by pilots from several other countries.

The event kicked off with very strong performances from reigning French world champion Alexandre Orlowski, USA's Rob Holland and Spanish ace Castor Fantoba – three different aeroplane types in the top three slots. Alexandre continued in this near perfect style into the first Free Unknown but unfortunately blew the opening figure of his second unknown flight, by which time Mikhail had put in some seriously good flights for Russia while Castor and Rob were making up for lost time too.

By the time the last Free Unknown programme was in the computer the overall position looked quite different, Mikhail's consistent high quality performances paying the biggest dividend to move him comfortably ahead of French pair Francois Rallet and Olivier Masurel. This is the third time the genial Mr. Mamistov has secured the ultimate title in this sport, proving beyond doubt his remarkable ability of produce a series of steady and very accurate flights just when they are needed.

In the Final Freestyle US pilot Rob Holland once again demolished the opposition with yet another outstanding demonstration of his skills in this oh-so-different regime, putting a comfortable margin between himself and the silver and bronze medal pair Olivier and Castor and providing fitting end to this great event.

Nick B


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