Guide to Championship Organisation updated

Published: 21st Feb 2023 by Nick Buckenham

We all know that running an FAI aerobatic championship is a major task, so having a “How to do it” textbook must be an enormous help. In 2014 we introduced the first CIVA Guide to Championship Organisation (the “GCO”) to provide an extensive record of experience and best-practice from all events since the very first in 1960 at Bratislava – a date now 63 years back in our history.

The GCO is now at issue 5, with over 60 pages of detailed info explaining the right way to get the enormous range of activities and responsibilities at an aerobatic championship set up and subsequently managed. This year there’s new material regarding safety, a vital part of everything we do, and a broad range of additions and updates on other topics to bring the latest thinking and expertise to you all.

The 2023 GCO can be downloaded from the CIVA Document Store at

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