EIAC in Romania Cancelled

Published: 12th Jun 2023 by Nick Buckenham

Unfortunately the number of entries for this Intermediate power championship at Deva in Romania has finally reached only 16 pilots from 4 nations, insufficient to meet CIVA Part-1 regulation which stipulates that a minimum of 15 pilots from 5 countries is required to maintain FAI Category-1 status. At this late stage therefore the organisers only option has been to cancel the CIVA event and revise it to become the 1st Romanian National Open Intermediate Aerobatic Championships instead. The schedule will be similar to the event it replaces, and a new/revised Bulletin #1 is available here.

CIVA officials nominated for this event have been contacted and advised to immediately cancel their existing arrangements. This is for us a very unfortunate situation, in all likelihood influenced by the wider effects of the RUS/UKR situation, the significantly increased inflationary costs that we are all experiencing, and perhaps also the long-term fall-out from the Covid pandemic. Other CIVA 2023 championships – WGAC/WAGAC, EAC and WAAC remain unaffected by this result.

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