CIVA Championship Schedule Finalised

Published: 1st Aug 2020 by Nick Buckenham

The 2021 Championships Calendar
Following a period to allow delegates to review and comment on the proposed new schedule of events that take into account the need to postpone 2020 championships due to the world-wide Covid-19 virus pandemic, we are now able to publish a revised Calendar of Events that provides all of the new dates for our postponed championships. To accommodate the shift of 2020 events into 2021 the previously approved championships from 2021 and 2022 have also by agreement been re-scheduled into new dates one year later.

It is certainly positive to see that so many countries are now planning to run a limited series of aerobatic competitions during the remainder of the year, in most cases representing their national championships for 2020. No doubt the signs of corona-virus restraint and the wearing of PPE will be all around, and we offer our very best wishes to all of you and trust that you are able to run safe and healthy contests for the benefit of your pilots and all other enthusiasts.

In further news:

  • Rules Proposals: The joint CIVA Rules and Judging Committees will soon be running their usual meeting to appraise the proposals that have been submitted this year, on this occasion however our discussions will be through the medium of Zoom as an online affair. The package of proposals is already available here, and the outcome from this session will be published as soon as we are able.
  • Power Free Known Figures: While the Glider Aerobatic Committee has opted to continue with the 2020 Free Known figures for gliders into 2021, for power Elena Klimovich, chairman of the Known Analysis Working Group, has already circulated her request to all delegates and NACs to submit their proposals to her for new sets of 5 Free Known figures in all categories, the deadline for this being 17th September 2020. Please email your submissions to Elena – her contact details are available on the Committees and Working Groups page.

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