Free Known Power Figure Proposals for 2021

The CIVA Known Assessment Working Group chair Elena Klimovich has now assembled the 45 sets of Free Known figure proposals for 2021 that she has received into three pdf files. You can review and download them using the links here:

  Intermediate / Yak-52

You now have seven weeks from today Saturday 19th September to review and discuss the possibilities presented by these figure sets. Voting for the final power selections for use in 2021 will be made during the CIVA plenary conference in early November. Note that the Glider Aerobatic Committee decided to keep using the 2020 Advanced and Unlimited Free Known figure sets throughout 2021, so these are not up for change.

Whatever you decide - be sure to let your delegate know which ones you favour so that your country's preferences can be included in the voting at this conference.

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