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Air Masters Cup Series

15th June 2024 TO 16th June 2024

Freestyle Contest series with CIVA technical support


Event Information


Contest Director:

Antanas Marčiukaitis

International Jury:

Nick Buckenhaam

Chief Judge:

Eugenijus Raubickas


Algis Orlickas
Galina Suprunenko
Rene Meijer

This is an International Series of Freestyle Events –

  1. Phase 1 – In Latvia, Liepaja, EVLA, during the Baltic International Airshow, 15-16 June 2024
  2. Phase 2 – In Lithuania, Kaunas, EYKS, during the Kaunas Airshow, 27 July 2024
🏆  Air Masters Cup Series aims to promote the sporting skill of Aerobatic Pilots and popularise Aerobatics by conducting contests in public and in a spirit of sportsmanship.
⭐️  If there are two or more Events held per calendar year, the Pilot who has collected the highest sum of points within this period of time, will be awarded the Title of the “Air Masters Cup Winner”.
Pilot selections will be made by the Organiser
Judging Assistance will be provided by CIVA

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