CIVA Committees

How we work:

Each year at the CIVA Plenary Conference, delegates and other attendees are encouraged to put their names forward for consideration as members of the committees and working groups that have been established to manage many of CIVA's core responsibilities. In each case there is a chairman supported by a fixed number of members, who will act together to provide solutions in the specific areas that their duties cover.

Clearly it is an honour to be appointed to one of these positions. Candidates are expected to work on behalf of their plenary colleagues and the world aerobatic community in support of the committee or working group that they wish to join. While their chairman may ask them to respond to specific tasks, it is their own responsibility to seek out areas where improvements or developments could be of benefit to the operation of aerobatic championships and lesser events, and to make a positive effort to move the subject forward.

Everything that happens within the CIVA environment is a direct result of the inspiration and effort made by the dedicated people whose names you see below in one or more of these management teams. This list also provides direct access to each chairman, to whom all enquiries and suggestions should in the first place be directed.

The Rules Committee (RC)


RC Chairman:
Matthieu Roulet, FRA     Email
Daniel Genevey, HUN
Hanspeter Rohner, SUI
Mike Gallaway, USA
Pekka Havbrandt, SWE
Pierre Varloteaux, FRA

The Rules Committee is responsible for the development of Section-6 Part-1 regulations and all associated documents, and manages the mid-year RC & JC meeting to assess the suitability of proposed regulatory changes in advance of their detailed review and adoption / rejection by the CIVA plenary each year.

The Judging Committee (JC)


JC Chairman:
Pierre Varloteaux, FRA  Email
Alex Moore, ESP
Daniel Genevey, HUN
Mady Delcroix, FRA
Philippe Küchler, SUI
Quintin Hawthorne, RSA

The JC appoints international judges for all CIVA championships, monitors judging standards, reviews and develops aerobatic judging regulations for best practice, and reports to the CIVA plenary each year.

The Glider Aerobatic Committee (GAC)

Pekka Havbrandt

GAC Chairman:
Pekka Havbrandt, SWE  Email
Eugen Schaal, GER
Ferenc Toth, HUN
Jerzy Makula, POL
Madelyne Delcroix, FRA
Philippe Küchler, SUI

The GAC is responsible for all aspects of CIVA's glider aerobatic regulations, including review and submission of glider Free Known figure master sets as described for the KAWG below, and provides its recommendations to the CIVA plenary each year.

The Information and Communication Technology Committee (ICTC)


ICTC Chairman:
Ringo Massa, NED  Email
Chris Sills, GBR
Leone Gambardella, GRE
Jorge Loureiro, POR
Kari Kemppi, FIN
Vladimir Machula, CZE

The ICTC monitors and reviews all IT and communication systems operating at CIVA championships and provides its recommendations to the CIVA plenary each year.

The FAI / Aresti Committee


Jim Bourke, USA  Email

This committee comprises just a chairman, and provides the key contact pathway between CIVA and the Aresti family in Spain.

The Catalogue Committee (CC)


CC Chairman:
Daniel Genevey, HUN Email
Cyrial Talon, LUX
Igoris Lobanovas, LIT
Leone Gambardella, GRE
Marcio Oliveira, BRA
Nick Buckenham, GBR

The CC monitors the power and glider Aresti Aerobatic Catalogues, reviews and assesses proposals for new figures, and provides its recommendations to the CIVA plenary each year. The CC chairman also acts as the Aresti Liaison Officer for CIVA.