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Ringo Massa awarded FAI Air Sport Medal

Following discussions between CIVA bureau members earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that Ringo Massa has been awarded an FAI Air Sport medal for his outstanding development work with the aerobatic sequence design software OpenAero, universally used now to create sequences in every category. Based originally on the OLAN 'One Letter Aerobatic Notation' project launched by Michael Golan many years ago, OpenAero is an open-source application available from that runs in your browser. This makes it available on…

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WIAC start date delayed by two days

The organizer of 2nd FAI World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship has unfortunately decided to shorten the duration of the event due to the lower than expected number of competitors who submitted Entry forms and paid an Entry Fee. The reasons given have been purely economic, in their view the only other option was to cancel event. Their solution has been to delay the start date by two days, from Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July. The following dates all remain as approved…

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Ladislav Bezák

Ladislav Bezák – World Aerobatic Champion #1 1932 – 2018 News has reached us that Czechoslovakian champion aerobatic pilot Ladislav Bezák sadly passed away in November last year, 2018. Ladislav was the gold medal winner at the very first FAI World Aerobatic Championship which was held at Bratislava in August 1960, narrowly beating his team colleagues Jirí  Bláha and Frantisek Skácelík into the second and third medal winning places respectively. All of them flew Zlin 226 aircraft, in fact pilots…

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Orlowski is 2018 European Champion

Alexandre Orlowski beat off a strong challenge from fellow French pilots Louis Vanel and Mikael Brageot to take the European Champion’s title after an excellent unlimited championship at Jindřiuchuv Hradec airfield (LKJH) in the south of the Czech Republic during early September. Inevitably the French Team took the team title by a little over 4 percent, chased by the Russian Team in second and the Hungarian Team in third place. The event was somewhat affected by poor weather, and ultimately the third Free Unknown was…

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2018 World Aerobatic Glider Champions – Ferenc Toth and Jonas Langenegger

In the World Unlimited and Advanced Glider Championships at Zbraslavice in the Czech Republic both categories enjoyed a full five programme event. Ferenc Toth (HUN) finally took the Unlimited title by less than a half percent from Luca Bertossio (ITA) and Moritz Kirchberg (GER), while in the Advanced class Jonas Langenegger (SUI) took the honours by less than a quarter percent from Tomáš Bartoň (CZE) and Josef Rejent. Full results are available as usual at

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World Games Glider Aerobatics completed

Despite a huge thunderstorm that knocked-out just about everything electrical at Szymnow airfield on Sunday, the 4-programme glider aerobatics CIVA / FAI special event at the 2017 World Games has concluded with a very popular win for Ferenc Toth of Hungary, Italian ace Luca Bertossio chasing him home a close second. The full results are as usual on CIVA's results website at and there is a supporting news page from FAI at some vivid onboard video from Luca…

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