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Free Known Power and Glider master figure submissions for 2023

All NACs and aerobatic delegates are now requested to discuss the submission of new Free Known Master Figure sets with their pilots, for Program-1 use in 2023. Submission of OpenAero .seq files for the three Power categories and two Glider categories should be made to either of the dedicated email forwarding addresses established for this purpose. Please visit this page for full details. Master set proposals complying with Section 6 versatility requirements will be published for open review on this…

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WIAC OK, WY52AC cancelled

WIAC The World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship is due to run at Toruń in Poland from June 3rd to 11th. The organisers website at currently shows a good number of entries, and they confirm that this championship will definitely go ahead as planned. WY52AC The number of entries for the 2022 World Yak-52 Aerobatic Championships has been disappointingly low, a total of only 10 pilots from 6 nations being received by the organisers. This unfortunately does not meet CIVA Section…

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WGAC / WAGAC Bulletin #2 published

A supplementary Bulletin #2 with some additional information has been published for the WGAC / WAGAC at Issoudun and can be reached from the championship page for either category – see

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Judge Selection Process Update

The lengthy process that the Judging Committee works through each year to select the judging panels for all CIVA championships has been developed and refined over many years. The International Judge Selection page on this website that explains the process in detail has been reviewed and updated by Judging Committee chairman Pierre Varloteaux, to show more clearly how this crucial system works and to encourage more applications for judge and assistant posts at our events.

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Section 6 Parts 1 and 2 for 2022 Published

The CIVA Section-6 Part-1 (power) and Part-2 (glider) regulations for 2022 are at last now available from the Document Store here.

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WAAC 2023 schedule revision approved

Following a request from the organisers of this championship and subsequent approval by delegates, the schedule for this event has now been delayed by two weeks. The revised dates are – Training days: 20th to 24th October 2023 Contest days: October 24 to November 4, 2023 For further information please see the championship page here

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